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we are an indie mobile game development studio that focuses on producing casual mobile games for Android and iOS platforms.

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We Inspire People Through Fun and Amazing Experience

Games are not just made entirely for entertainment purpose but also educational & motivational

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Are you a company or brands looking for advertgames? Or a game enthusiast who want us to make the game that you always wishing for? Don't worry, we're here to deliver you quality games which match your specific needs.

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Our team consist of people who are expertise in their field. We'll make sure we always deliver high quality games for our clients.

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Our Game Artist will make sure to give you a highly polished Game Artwork to maximize your visual experience.

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Don't worry about the budget! Our service comes with a reasonable price that we can discuss further.

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They said you can't love a person you don't know...

Now let us introduce ourselves, a small team with big dreams


Amagine Interactive is a game developer companu with a vision to ‘Inspire People Through Fun and Amazing Experiences. We aims to give the player a positive or educational message.


Dennis Adriansyah Ganda - CEO

Born under the star of Taurus,blessed by the God of Game. Dennis is raised with gadget and games thus became a Tech Enthusiast. He is a guy that loves to talk with people. Awesomeness is his way of life


Damas Nawanda - Producer


Vicky Fazlurrahman - Programmer

Spent his childhood in a garage filled with junk of gadget & electronics. He loves tech as his bones & blood. His dream is become one of the tech leader, Shape the future with technology and brighten the future of mankind.


Supradi Sitepu - Programmer

He loves sweets and making sweet stuff. The sweet stuff is sometimes weird since they're made of pure imagination. Imagination is, arguably, also his favorite dope resulting in a ton of uncommon behavior. Beware! He is naturalist, a hardcore one, with light obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Agatha Binar - Financial Officer

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Muhammad Ali Fikri Rahman - Designer

On a beautiful starry night in the middle of January, God decided to put me in this world as an earthlings. A blend of discipline technical person with artistic gift of mind. Born not as a Gooner but will die as one. Jovial socializer geek. I'm good at creating fun. Modest too.


Yoky Bagus Sembodo - Marketing


Arsoluhur Maskurohman - Artists

An alien from "No-One-Knows" Galaxy. One day he violates the sky signs and then the galactic polices confiscate his spaceship. He was sent to the earth to contemplates for his mistake. Unfortunately, he addicted to live there. Beware of this strange creature !


Reyhan Nuha Aditrea - Programmer


It all started when they were doing a game project for a friend. The after effect of that project is that each one of the founders has felt hands-on experience in game development and found their passion in that field. Finally the four students decided to do game development professionally.

Being a student and also a startup founder, the founders have found many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that they have support from their surroundings, such as their classmates, professors, and faculty staffs, they do not have to worry about their own living cost, as most of the students are still financially supported by their family, and thus they can focus on creating great products. The disadvantages are the need to synchronize their game development timeline with their studies. To satisfy this, the founders need to spend more of their energy and time.

There is one driving force that each founders has, and it definitely helps them overcome many hurdles. It is their passion in game development. The founders were gathered together by their passion. It was that their passion that helps them stays up late to produce games when the next day they have early classes. It was their passion that pushes them to learn more and be better than the day before. It was their passion that lures them to keep finding that extra something to make their product great.

Their vision as a company is to ‘Inspire People Through Fun and Amazing Experiences. Meaning that each products aims to give the player a positive or educational message. Until a few years ago, many people have regarded games merely as a child’s play, but before we know it a wide range of people has included game in their daily routine and realized how big of an impact it made. Especially casual games, where users plays it in their spare time between daily activities. The Amagine Interactive founders wants to entertain people and send a positive message through an experience that they enjoy and easy to be perceived. Each product that has been and will be released will incorporate the vision in its design.

Media Recognition

Some of our works have been recognized by various media


  • Top 10 Nominator of Games Category at INAICTA - Indonesia ICT Award 2011
  • Best 3 KotaGames Award - Startup Asia Bandung 2012


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